Sensual Massage How To

When it comes to a sensual massage how to express it is the key to making the art of massage meaningful, helpful, and loving.

A sensual massage is an expression of love through touch. It is usually meant for lovers, or friends considering becoming lovers. It is different than the massage received in a therapist’s office or on a professional massage therapist’s table.

Simply stated, massage is a patterned touch. Whichever pattern you choose to give depends on the mood. Be open to both touches of caress or relaxation. Both are healing and nurture the body. And if you allow them to escalate, both touches can be physically exciting. As tempted as you may be before, during and after to engage in sex, don’t rush to orgasm or you will miss the many other benefits massage has to offer.


A silk scarf or fur mitt are delightful alternative tools for relaxation and stimulation without friction. With either, the hand slides and glides without much effort.

Recently, a brilliant company came up with a vibrating, waterproof glove. It slides beautifully over bare skin, or clothing, without oils or creams.

Battery operated, two speeds and waterproof, it is the perfect accompaniment to a sensual massage how to in the tub, shower, pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub. 

Love Glove

According to Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs who wrote Erotic Massage, massage is a language without words. It is a way to express empathy. What you put into your touch allows the gift to express itself to the recipient.

Let your touch discover without expectation. Especially with sensual massage how to express sensitivity with awareness becomes the balance of performing this living art. At first, all techniques are foreign. As with learning any new skill, with practice, your confidence will show.

Since touch is the primary sense of massage, accoutrements are necessary. First, there must include a willing participant, a quiet, comfortable environment, and a place to lie down.

Ideally, a padded massage table is best, but a bed, padded floor, or blanket on the beach are all acceptable alternatives. Soft music is nice, but not necessary. Some consider it distracting, others like it. If the recipient comments more than once about the music, shut it off.

While technique and touch are beautiful ingredients to a sensual massage how to incorporate the tools of sensuality are what make the event romantic.

For hands to glide over the skin, oil or cream is necessary. Run your hands around your lover’s body, caressing every curve, noting the differences in skin texture. The hands should be lightly oiled. A natural oil is best, one without silicone or mineral base. Or use a Rabbit fur Mitt moving in circular motions. One handed is fine, but two working simultaneously is better.

With a rubberized mitt, heated oil adds warmth and helps the muscles relax. 

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