Sensual Massage in Houston

The sensual massage in Houston that I received was one of the most beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had, done by a true goddess who took her role as healer to heart.

The room was warm and comfortable. I had been advised how to prepare by filling out a preliminary application, listing all the things I wanted and needed from the massage and all of my limitations as well.

Being that I had pre-existing medical conditions, I got a doctor’s note so that my massage would be exactly what I needed.

She must have read the application very closely, because she handled my body in the most professional, caring and gentle way. Her touch was perfect. Intuitive, as you’d expect a goddess to be, she seemed to know me better than I knew myself.

As her hands glided over my body she could feel the knots in my muscles, and using a light oil with long, deliberate strokes, she reduced the muscle pain and inflammation I had had for weeks before my appointment. By the time she finished, my flexibility and joint range of motion had increased significantly, and the edema I had been suffering was also greatly reduced.

So I wouldn’t feel exposed or embarrassed, she draped a small hand towel over my genitals, and worked diligently, using Swedish massage techniques to improve my posture, applying pressure to specific points, as needed.

Texas State Law does not require massage therapists to use draping over their clients, but most professionals offering a sensual massage in Houston use one so that the client will not feel self conscious.

Her treatment takes about two to three hours for a full body massage that will include the head, shoulders, arms, feet, hands, buttocks and torso. Maintenance appointments may take only an hour, but allow yourself time for the spa bath afterwards. It truly is heaven on earth.

It was one of the most relaxing, and I’d have to say, healing experiences of my life. This sensual massage in Houston was like nothing else I had ever encountered.

I had been advised to eat lightly before the massage, eliminate before I showed up, and let her know of any psychological or physical concerns that I had so she could give me the treatment I needed, without my feeling embarrassed or awkward.

Since she includes Tantric Massage and Esalen styles of treatments, genital massage may be included, but only if you are comfortable with that. If you are uncomfortable with a genital rub, she can by-pass that area.

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Between the candles producing a gently lit atmosphere, soft music, scented oils, and the exquisite lingerie she was wearing, the room is the perfect place to escape from the cares of the day, week and even month. Her therapeutic rocking movements and basic strokes helped to release tension from my muscles for weeks afterward while improving my posture, and relaxing my nervous system.

Usually when people think of a sensual massage in Houston they don’t realize just how nourishing and beneficial the experience can be. Maybe it’s because Houston isn’t known as the massage capital of the world, but the true artists there can make the massage an event you’ll want to experience time and time again.

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