Sensual Massage Oils

What makes sensual massage oils sensual is how they appeal to more than one of the senses.

With unscented, unflavored, uninspired mineral oil as the base, the massage does not pique the interest of or stimulate any of the other senses to enjoy the experience. Thus it is not sensual. It is a concentration solely on the manipulation of the muscles to relax them that makes it more functional than anything else.

The new sensual massage should never leave you feeling as if you need a shower afterwards and today’s leaders in erotica produce quality sensual products with our sensual health and pleasure in mind. If they’ve made their formulations with ancient knowledge, their products are not only sensual and exciting, but healing as well.

Another important component of for a sensual massage is the added sensation of heat when it is rubbed into the skin. The heat is obvious but not intense. Only when it is blown upon can you feel an intense sensation, and only to that spot and only while there’s a steady breath blowing on it.

Especially stimulating on sensual females’ erogenous zones, this oil is water based so it is safe rubbed liberally into genitals for a massage sensual, erotic and exciting.

Within moments of its application, the body feels a gentle warm glow. Rubbed all over, that gentle heat brings you to an added sensual awareness as well as a sensual awakening of your skin. Rubbed from head to toe, you are especially aware of where your body ends and their hands begin.

When sensual areas, specifically erogenous zones are concentrated on with this type of oil, the results are all the more dramatic. Add flavor to the mix, and the results can only be romance soft, sensual healing massage that leave you blissfully unaware that there are any sensual massage oils on your skin.

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