Sensual Mint

Of all the essential oils available on the market today, sensual mint has to be the most versatile and useful of them all. Found in literally hundreds of products, its effectiveness and strength have made it a staple in cosmetics, delay creams, massage creams and as a topical unguent for pain.

Its active ingredients of menthol, menthene, methyl acetate, volatile oils, tannic acid, terpenes, and vitamin C can increase stomach acidity if eaten in excess. But as relief from spasms and headaches, sensual mint is instrumental in relieving the number one reason not to have sex, that is, the headache.

When used in balms for tension or sinus headaches, mint is spread on the temples and/or sinuses to relieve the pain of either kind of headache. This would seem to be the perfect relief for the pregnant woman who wants to avoid medications. When peppermint is used as a topical anesthetic, it becomes just what the doctor should have ordered.

This widely used culinary herb has some reputation as an aphrodisiac, especially for men. Shakespeare classes it with lavender, savory and marjoram as being useful as a stimulant for ‘men of middle age’ in “The Winter’s Tale”- one of his last plays and written when he may have been interested in such matters. Apply sparingly to the penis and testicles to get the blood moving and to stimulate erection.

Pleasure Balm

When used only on the head of the penis, it can delay ejaculation by numbing him slightly so he doesn’t get excited too quickly, thus helping to prevent premature ejaculation.

Kama Sutra’s Pleasure Balm is renowned for its ability to do this as well as an anti-gagger for those adverse to fellatio.

Need a kick start in the morning? Nothing is more refreshing than sensual mint to rev up your engine and light your fire!

It effectively washes you gently, removing sweat and dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Mint can be found in several different brands of cleansing gels, but Kama Sutra’s formula is also edible once it bubbles up with water, making it perfect for lovers in the shower.

Rub vigorously on sensitive areas and the effect is delightful, exciting and energizing.

After the beach, there is nothing more revitalizing than rubbing your feet with a mint based massage lotion. Smooth it on hot, tired feet, or after a foot massage for a refreshing sensation that easily spreads throughout the body.

Or rub it on breast tissue, testicles, or any major erogenous zone, and the cool tingly sensations will wake up the senses.

Able to stimulate erogenous zones, relieve headaches, prevent premature ejaculation and as the best anti-gagger around, products that include sensual mint are must-haves for individuals who need a little natural help for increasing their libido.

Mint is one of the aromatherapy scents in massage oil. Reviving your spirit, it takes you out of the doldrums and into an enthusiastic state of being.

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