Sensual Mystique

What exactly is the sensual mystique? Is it a tangible attribute that we can all acquire? Or are its roots much deeper in our psyche, dormant, waiting for the springtime of our lives to sprout forth? And when that time comes and we ignore it, are we destined to live without this inherent birthright?

Is this mystery revealed through the kind of work we choose, the personal relationships we develop, or stifled by them?

The individual’s sensual self is developed by knowing who you are and liking yourself. By unfolding the petals of our soul’s sensual desires, we reveal the whole beauty of our sensuous life. It begins as a little voice deep in your heart that physically actualizes itself for the benefit of your being.

It is not necessarily a hedonistic approach to life. It is a knowing created by the balance between mind, body and spirit, and then indulging the senses as portals to this world’s pleasures. It is a yearning called forth by the spirit, understood by the mind, and actualized by the body through proper nutrition and a balance between physical activity and rest.

It comes together for any individual who is comfortable inside their own skin, and appreciates every little part of it.

It is living consciously in the moment and respecting your body’s need to be heard, appreciated, and respected as a temple for your life.

It is not meant merely as a lure for erotic pleasure, although oftentimes is regarded as such.

Being in the pleasure party business, where sexuality and sensuality are combined, I believe this is and should be my area of expertise.

I’ve devoted my entire adult life’s work to helping every woman, man and couple who have asked for my consultation, to find their own sensual pleasure, and develop their own sensual selves.

Once we understand this ability is a gift, we must incorporate it into our life without excess. With the golden rule as our moral compass, the responsibility to develop this aura can be realized without shame, guilt or embarrassment.

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