Sensual Positions

As humans, we can enjoy a multitude of sensual positions while making love. Almost every position can be enhanced by using a love swing. Whether its deeper or controlled penetration, positioning a body onto a sensual accessory will make the techniques used more enjoyable.

Love Swing

The sensual adventure is enhanced when all desired erogenous zones are accessible. In a love swing, they are. Many of the most sensual positions every written about are in the Kama Sutra, but unless you’re very flexible and/or very strong, some of these are nearly impossible to perform unless you’re using this sensual aid.

In the ‘Rising Position’ the woman lifts her legs straight up. That’s not easy to maintain, but with the swing, she uses the straps that hold her up to support her legs so it won’t become tiring.

Another Kama Sutra position called ‘Position of the Crab’, where both of the woman’s legs are drawn up and placed on her stomach, make the labia more obvious and penetration more accessible.

Fantasy Swing

‘Driving in the Nail’, doesn’t sound very appealing, but the angle for penetration makes this incredibly intense for both lovers. In this, the woman’s one foot is on the man’s head and the other is stretched out to the side. Visually exciting, the breasts are accessible for stimulation while the buttocks it cradled in the seat.

Some of the best sensual positions in a love swing are the Cuissade and Croupade. A Croupade is any position in which the male enters the woman squarely from behind.

The Cuissade is a half rear entry position, where she turns her back to him and he enters her with one of her legs between his and the other more or less drawn up. That little bit of angle variation does a lot to stimulate the vaginal walls more intensely.

Although the clitoris is not directly rubbed by the shaft in either of these, the male can easily reach around and stroke it while he penetrates from behind, paying special attention to building her excitement with manual stimulation.

In the ‘Yawning Position’, the woman places both her legs on the man’s shoulders. This is better if her buttocks have been lifted securely in the love swing to the perfect height for penetration.

In the ‘Pressing Position’, also called the Flanquette, after the male member has slipped into the vagina, the woman closes her legs so that her thighs are squeezing her lover.

Being in the swing together keeps the man from thrusting too far back, and keeps the head of his penis against the bottom third of her vagina, while the love swing keeps her hips at a constant height so that the penis head is always on her G-Spot.

Touch, taste, smell and sight are enhanced in sensual positions. Instead of the regular missionary position of merely facing each other, sensual scenes and sensual energy aimed toward each others bodies take foreplay and intercourse to a whole new dimension.

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