Sensual Prostate Massage

A sensual prostate massage should always be included in sexual foreplay. To touch the prostate, lubricate the middle finger. The fingernail should be short; no longer than 1/8 of an inch as you don’t want to slice or cut this tight, sensitive orifice.

Gently insert the finger into the rectum, going in about 1 ½ inches to rub this walnut sized gland that is on the inside of the front wall. Use latex or nitrile gloves to keep the entire process sanitary. Rubbing this area will produce more fluid so that when he eventually does ejaculate, he’ll have a lot more to ejaculate.

Rubbing the prostate during ejaculation will cause the orgasm to be considerably more intense and more deeply satisfying; it’s the difference between an orgasm lasting for five seconds or fifteen seconds—the longer it lasts, the more intensely satisfying it is.

The prostate is the male’s G-Spot. It is a key area for male sexuality and pleasure.

Considered second in importance to the penis, if rubbed deeply and consistently, it is the area responsible for producing multiple orgasms for men.

Multiple male orgasms are possible if the male doesn’t ejaculate but continues to re-cycle his sexual energy through and around his prostate.

By becoming comfortable with this body part and removing any societal stigma you’ve associated with it, sexual pleasure can be greatly increased.

A sensual prostate massage is usually only included in foreplay by the homosexual community. Most heterosexual males ignore it for its possibility for pleasure. So much of a stigma has been placed on it that it is often loathed as something strictly homosexual.

And although many heterosexual men want to put their penis inside of their female’s rectum, a comparative few will allow any stimulation to their rectum, even though that area may produce multiple orgasms for them.

Any organ or gland in the human body must be appreciated for what it does and how it works. Just because the prostate is misunderstood as a sexual tool does not mean it should be disdained. It is there for a reason. Focusing on stimulating it during a sensual prostate massage is one way to keep it working and keep tabs on it.

It seems the only time heterosexual men pay any attention to their prostate is during an internal examination when a doctor checks it for problems.

If you don’t want to have problems with your prostate, learn to appreciate its potential for pleasure by allowing your partner to give you a sensual prostate massage. If they are inhibited about using their finger to do the rubbing, use Anal Love Beads.

Love Beads should be placed into the rectum when the guy is so excited that he’s panting. When the mouth is open, all orifices on the body are also open, including the rectum.

Lubricate the beads ahead of time and keep them in a plastic sandwich bag, close at hand.

When he’s ready, i.e., panting, gently nudge each bead lubricated bead into the rectum. It is unnecessary to push, shove or ram things into the rectum.

The rectum is a vacuous organ and will pull up into it anything that is placed at the opening. After all the beads are in, continue the sexual stimulation in whatever ways are pleasing to you both.

When it is decided to release the orgasm, very slowly and deliberately pull each bead from the rectum. As each bead rubs against the prostate, it is adding additional stimulation and excitement to the orgasm.

This sensual prostate massage can be done either with a gloved finger or with the beads. Whichever way is comfortable and acceptable to you, find a way to get in touch with this misunderstood but very powerful organ.

Including a sensual prostate massage in your sexual repertoire will not only improve the quality and intensity of every orgasm, but the health of the prostate as well.

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