Sensual Reflexology

The benefits of sensual reflexology were achieved by early man walking barefoot over the open countryside. It was then and still is a therapeutic form of foot massage. Both ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures extolled the healing effects of sensual reflexology on the entire body.

But not until the early twentieth century did this technique reach the West. Today, unfortunately, few of us get to enjoy the benefits of regular foot reflexology. Instead, we jam our toes into tight shoes, which restricts the circulation of the blood and nerve supply.

Reflexologists aim to correct this basic imbalance. According to the theory of reflexology, when pressure is applied to any of the twenty three reflex points, blockages are eliminated. Each specific area on the feet reflects one of the body’s internal systems and organs.

They are stimulated to increase blood flow and purge impurities by applying specific pressure to those points. If an organ, gland or tissue is impaired, the corresponding zone on the foot will be sensitive to external pressure.

A reflexology treatment by a trained reflexologist typically lasts for thirty to sixty minutes. The experience is generally a pleasant and relaxing one, although some reflex areas may be sensitive. For specific bodily ailments, ten or more sessions may be required. Unfortunately, most health insurers do not cover reflexology.

Almost as good, a foot roller, available in many specialty stores, is ergonomically designed to mimic the hands on actions of a skilled reflexologist. By using the device every day for ten minutes, you can relieve some tension, increase your energy levels and enhance your feelings of well-being.

The mode of actions is to apply a systematic pressure to the reflex zones. This can increase circulation of blood and nerve supply in your body, thereby triggering a natural healing process.

The function of reflexology is to promote relaxation through manual stimulation of specific zones in the foot. In addition to relieving stress and tension, this form of therapy is used to encourage blood flow. And blood flow is the key to sensual and sexual pleasure.

By identifying places in the foot that are sensitive to pressure or noting skin changes, reflexologists can assess a patient’s general state of health. To restore a good health, a skilled reflexologist can dissolve deposits of uric acid crystals that have settled in the feet.

After the reflexology session, gently apply a lotion or essential oil to the feet. For a stimulating or calming effect, add a few drops of an essential oil to your base oil. For instance, rosemary essential oil can help reenergize you, while lavender essential oil will help relax you.

Used for fatigue, circulatory disturbances, headaches, backaches and menstrual complaints, foot reflexology also helps remove toxins from the body and restores a proper fluid balance in the tissues.

The approach is slightly different for a sensual reflexology massage that is meant either to improve circulation or as a diuretic massage to remove toxins.

For the diuretic massage, press the soles of both feet with your thumbs. Move from the heel to the toe. Massage the tops of the feet, moving from the toes toward the instep. Lastly press your thumbs on the lymph drainage points. These are located on the area of the foot around the ankle bones.

For more of a sensual reflexology massage to improve circulation, slowly exert pressure on the reflex zones until just before there is discomfort.

The proper amount of pressure you’ll need may vary greatly among individuals massage points. A feeling of warmth in the stimulated organ is a sign of increased circulation and indicates the beginning of the healing process.

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