Sensual Reiki

I enjoyed a sensual Reiki last time I visited Colorado. I didn’t know what to expect, but, I decided to relax and go with the flow, literally and figuratively, speaking.  That's what Reiki is; honing in on the electrical energy that runs from the top of your head to the base of your spine--a means of opening up the flow of energy that is charactererized by the 7 Chakras. 

Focusing on each area helps to understand where there are blockages and by understanding where the blockage occurs, able to decipher the answer of how to unblock it. Featured on this page are Crystals and Pendulums that can be used so that you can see where the Chi blockages occur.

It's important that the space you practice Sensual Reiki in is quiet. If you're going to have it done in your home, pick a time when everyone else is not home. This should be done when no loud noises will distract unnerve you or cause you to be startled. It's nice to hear just the natural sounds of birds chirping occasionally or water flowing.

All of these gentle sounds lent themselves perfectly to making my sanctuary an environment in which I could allow a practice that affects your aura, raising it, connecting it to another’s, in harmony, for peace and relaxation. Nothing could be more beautiful. Nothing could be more nurturing or life enhancing.  Reiki by itself is not necessarily a sensual practice; certainly not generally used to stir passions within a body, but that doesn't mean that it cannot. It all depends on the needs of the recipient and what he/she expects from the Reiki master.

Before one begins the sensual Reiki, it is important that one is centered and feeling their own electrical charge.  Sitting in a meditative posture, eyes closed and concentrating on the breath for a few brief moments.

Opening her arms and then bringing her energy into her heart with prayer hands, she silently asked that her own essence allow this connection; to sanctify it as a beautiful possibility.

Because it is the merging of energies, I believe this practice is a very personal treat. Although I believe we are all one under the skin, that doesn’t mean that we want to allow our essence to co-mingle with just any one else’s.  The closer you are intimately and personally to the Reiki administer, the more deeply you will relax into the experience.

To do this a Sensual Reiki, you must have a deep and abiding affection for the recipient. Whether your affection is romantic or not, your affection/care/intention/care  must be real.

I lay on a comfortabl air mattress after the DO NOT DISTURB sign had been posted on the outside handle.

Very slowly she moved her hands, starting from my head, down to my shoulders, and then all the way down my body without ever physically touching me.

In Reiki, one's hands never actually touch the recipient and even thought the eyes were closed the entire time, you can always know where their hands are over your  body. Hovering above the body you can feel their energy mixing with yours, relaxing the muscle and moving my chi.  How incredibly exciting to be able to do this with a loved one as a preamble to making love.

Getting my life force to mingle, if only for a moment, with someone else's energy, was truly a unique event. I knew it could happen; I just never realized how.

During the process,  most of the time was spent at my head and feet, two opposing extremities that housed a lot of energy in the form of tension. This time was well spent. By the time she had finished at my feet, I felt incredibly light, relaxed, rejuvenated, and incredibly clear.

From the moment I closed my eyes to relax, I knew exactly were her energy was and how it was affecting my energy.

Actually, this sensual Reiki was mixing with my aura. The energy she produced in her hands with her warm up actually helped to raise my body’s energy.

The process, when done well, moves very slowly, giving every area of the body a chance to feel the heat within and make the connection. All in all, this process took about a half an hour but while it was happening, time stood still.

Concentrating on your breath, on relaxing, on going with the flow, the sensual Reiki became a combined meditation; two people, each doing nothing more than coming close, connected by energies, reminding us that although there are bodies separating us, under the skin, we are connected on a deeper level.

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