Sensual Seduction

A sensual seduction tickles the mind. It invites the body to join in a fantasy of adult playtime for pleasure. Whether yours is a long standing relationship and a glance is all you need, or you’re open to meet your next great lover, the sensual goddess knows how to use her sensual scent to attract feral man.

Many believe that the sensual encounter is based, at first glance, on sight. But, there are many different kinds of beauties out there, and there is no logical evidence why one male sees a particular woman as a goddess and another merely sees her as a sensual escape or fling.

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That is, until you understand the power of pheromones, the natural scent of desire. This scent can be magnified by wearing the right perfume.

Done properly, this sensual seduction performs best ‘under the radar’. Nothing obvious, no lusting after desired results, the object of your attention cannot help but be curiously drawn to you.

Men also have pheromones but since they don’t ovulate, science has been hard-pressed to understand why. Common sense reveals the answer. Women are intuitively very sensitive to scent.

In his pheromones, she instinctively senses if his DNA is a complement to hers. If it is, he smells fantastic to her. If it isn’t, she won’t be sexually attracted to him, no matter what kind of cologne he’s wearing.

Where a woman’s pheromone scent peaks once every month for twenty four hours, men’s pheromones are at a basic constant level, and only peak during involvement with physical competition.

If a woman wants to use her pheromones as a sensual seduction, wearing a pheromone perfume magnifies her scent as a subtle but definite invitation in finding a man who has chemistry with her.

Men are not as scent conscious as women and in their drive to spread their seed, will often copulate with almost any female that is willing. Women, on the other hand, can detect the male’s DNA complement in his aroma.

As long as she isn’t taking oral contraception, she has the natural, olfactory ability to determine the perfect complement for her DNA. If she chooses wisely among the candidates presenting themselves as interested, she will seduce the one who will help her produce strong, healthy children.

A woman’s constant cassolette is a combination of scents that include her hair, skin, and genitals. But her most potent aroma, the one that beckons his libido to rise up and meet the challenge, magnifies only briefly during ovulation.

This is nature’s way of attracting men for procreation. It is a seductive and sensual avenue that has not been readily understood. 

If she has a partner, he will want to make love to her that day, one way or the other. His drive will be stronger because this sensual elixir is penetrating into his basic being, and whether he knows it or not, stimulating his desire. It must always be her choice to repel or accept.

The sensual seduction takes place with the individuals who realize this innate sexual attractant and are utilizing it to their best advantage.

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