Sensual Shower

I invited my lover to take a sensual shower with me one day. Changing the setting from the bedroom to a completely different location for foreplay can make the whole scene of fantasy and sexual pleasure more fun and exciting.

I decided a watery environment would be perfect. Since the tub was too small to accommodate us both, we’d need to stand up in the shower stall to get it on.

Shower heads have long been used as rousing sexual tools. Aimed directly at the clitoris or penis head, there’s no denying its stimulating effect.

He took the shower head down from its perch, adjusting the stream of water to aim true and directly on our most sensitive spots.

Then, from top to bottom, under and over genitals, breasts, and buttocks, the pulsing warm water caressed our skin, trickling down to make sure we were both wet, warmed up, and raring to go.

This sensual shower would be all the more interesting and inspiring because of the Mint based cleansing gel we used. I pumped a smidgen into my hands, added a little extra water and immediately felt its refreshing sensation in my hands.

Concentrated and luxurious, we needed only a little bit to cover our skin. As soon as we had created a thin layer of bubbles, heady from its scent and sensation, we simultaneously swooned from its thrilling sensations. This was the beginning of a sensual shower we’d never forget.

As we pressed our bodies together, awash in the exhilarating sensations that only mint can provide, we transformed a functional shower into a pleasure for all of the senses.

I took a bit of the minty cleansing gel, foamed it up in my hands, and covered his penis with the foam. Then, I turned my back to him. He guided his penis between my legs to slide back and forth along my labia.

Ph balanced, there was an exquisite tingle for both of us, which was not only electrfying, but nearly inspiring in building sexual tension and desire.

Although there are many different kinds of mint based cleansing gels on the market, Kama Sutra’s revs up the libido like nothing else. Its magical properties are especially exciting when used directly on erogenous zones. And once foamed up, its delicious flavor adds yet another level of pleasure and excitement to foreplay.

I love using the shower as a place to make love. The sensations are fantastic, delightful, stirring and extremely exciting as a place for getting close to the one you love. Water, bubbling and delicious, can make any shower a sensual shower.

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