Sensual Skin

What makes sensual skin exciting is that underlying its functionality are a vast number of super sensitive, sexually excitable erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are what make our skin sensual. Without them, skin would merely be functional, and what fun would that be?

The largest of all our organs contains hot spots. By definition, an erogenous zone is a concentrated amount of nerve endings. Some are more obvious than others. Earlobes, breasts and throat are all time favorites. Some lesser known are the perineum, armpits, anus, and navel.

The belly and loins are erogenous in any country where the women practice Kegel exercises. In the US, it is commonly known as the ‘dead zone’.

Although 90% of men report they love playing with women’s breasts, only about 50% of the women listed them as an erogenous zone. For women whose breasts can lead to orgasm, it’s actually two possible paths in one.

The breast tissue stands alone as an erogenous zone, and then the nipple area. This may be true for many men, as well. The larger the guy’s aureole, the greater the possibility it’s an erogenous zone on him.

Whether he allows it or not, is a matter of his personal, sexual history. According to Alfred Kinsey, “There is no part of the human body that is not sufficiently sensitive to effect erotic arousal and even orgasm for at least some individuals in the population.”

In other words, it is possible to have an orgasm via your big toe with a technique called Shrimping. It is possible to have an orgasm, by having your eye brows stroked.

It is possible to have a full body orgasm by raising the electrical current within the body. This technique, called Pattes D’Araignee, sends the explosive energy of the orgasm, to all of your major erogenous zones at once.

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If stimulated properly, it is actually possible to have an orgasm with any part of your body, from the top of your head to the soles of the feet. That’s because every orgasm starts in your mind, and if you can think it, you can have it.

The most famous erogenous zone on the female body is the clitoris, of course. This glan is covered by a hood which is also very sensitive, and two sets of labia beneath it.

The clitoris has been compared to a female version of a penis head, which is the male’s major erogenous zone. That is a great disservice to the sensitivity of the clitoris to compare them.

The clitoris has 100 times more nerve endings per square inch than the penis head, making it considerably more sensitive. As part of the sensual skin, it is the area for everywoman that gives her the possibility of having a sexual orgasm.

The G-Spot, within the woman’s vagina, is a major erogenous zone that a proportionate number never find. But for those who seek it out, nay, coax it out, it reveals the greatest physical gift your body can give to you, a multiple orgasm.

His “G-Spot” is his prostate. Rubbing it properly can produce multiple male orgasms. That’s a fact, whether you’re homosexual or heterosexual.

It’s just that in our society, a woman’s vaginal orgasm seems so much more acceptable, where the male multiple orgasm is always associated with homosexuality, which shouldn’t be the case.

The Venus Mons, or the hairy mound above the clitoris, is another very important erogenous zone on the female body. Gripped correctly, and stimulated adequately, it could lead to orgasm without any direct clitoris stimulation.

Running down to the vagina from the mons, are the Labia Majora. On the inside of them are the naturally hairless Labia Minora. Although both are sensitive, The Labia Minora is the major erogenous zone, and the inside of the inside lips are the hottest, hot spot.

To embrace the idea of sensual skin, it is very important to realize that your perception of yourself is what makes an erogenous zone, your erogenous zone. The skin is taught to become sensual through its sensual experience.

How can you learn to appreciate your sensual skin to its fullest? By giving your self permission to enjoy all of your parts, without judgment, you’re getting in touch with your sensual portrait. It’s your body. Appreciate every inch of it.

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