Sensual Sounds

When it comes to sensual sounds, no other company has put together a more seductive, romantic and enticing assortment of CD’s than the Sinclair Institute.

Aphrodisia, Music for Lovemaking--This collection of ambient, jazz, and world music is as diverse as the lovers who share it.

Created especially to enhance intimacy and restore tranquility and balance, each track is a unique sound scape ready to be explored.

This music speaks to the mind, body and spirit.

60 minutes.

Indulgence, Sensual Rhythms - Indulge yourself in an opulent sea of sound dedicated to lovers.

World class musicians and top-notch recording techniques create an irresistible back beat for fun and passion.

Intricately woven hand percussion and drum loops combined with live, virtuoso saxophones, flutes and guitars give this CD a fresh, sensual feeling.

52 minutes

Euphoria – Sensual Soundscapes--Celebrating the timeless power in touch, music and natural sounds.

Euphoria is an environmental audio sculpture ideally suited for massage and passionate moments of physical connection.

Inspired by the elements of air, earth, fire and water and the harmonics that center the spirit, settle the mind, and soothe and comfort the body.

63 minutes.

Surrender, Passionate Beats--Designed especially to enhance the sexual ambiance between partners and enable them to relinquish to the powers of passion.

As an exciting bonus, noted lead singer of the acclaimed Squirrel Nut Zippers, Katherine Whalen, offers her rendition of the title track.

Listeners will truly surrender to the modern urban grooves of the 60’s and 70’s.

62 minutes.

Seduction, Erotic Dance Rhythms--An original musical score that is a sensuous and flirtatious. A collection of sexy, sultry and seductive music is sure to set the stage for your own erotic dance.

42 minutes.

Unities, Musical Inspirations of the Kama Sutra--For those who want exotic and erotic sensual sounds while practicing the Kama Sutra with their lover.

Comprised of 25 musicians from eight different countries, this CD explores the soulfulness of India through an elegant interpretation of the ancient text.

Lovers will enjoy dozens of rare, authentic native instruments which blend Indian and Raga traditions and bring the Indian flavor of the Kama Sutra alive!

35 minutes

Journeys, Sexplorations for Lovers--In this original music soundtrack for the Better Sex Video Series, venture through an eclectic blend of mystifying sounds.

All are on an impressive variety of tracks ranging from soft jazz, juicy funk, and Latin influence.

Composed to create an atmosphere of intimacy and sexual energy.

64 minutes

More tunes listed below to put you in a good mood, open to being close and making love...

Do you want to dance, relax, make love, unwind, rejoice, or just feel good?

Music has a way of putting you in the mood for whatever you want to do.

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