Sensual Spanking

What’s the difference between the spanking Mom gave you as a child and a sensual spanking? One creates excitement; the other is cause to call DYFS.

Contact of a lover’s hand as it slaps the meaty part of a naked buttocks leaves a little redness while generating heat, and is intense and immediate.

And as much as it is physically exciting, it is also a visual pleasure.

A ripe, round, meaty, muscular bottom getting spanked has such a nice bounce and jiggle to it.

It is exciting, arousing, and done right, sensually and sexually very stimulating. It should not leaves welts, bruises or any marks behind. After each smack on the meatiest part of the buttocks is a corresponding soothing rub.

The heat it creates should subside within ten to fifteen minutes of the actual spanking. It is not done with punishment as its intention, but rather for sexual stimulation.

This kind of spanking is requested, desired, and no doubt enjoyed for its instant, immense stimulation.

In contrast to the delicate, sensitive, gentle touch that lovers normally exchange, it is biting, quick, intense and brings blood very quickly to the area.

Blood rushing to any area of the body is a measure of excitement.

As the vaginal walls and clitoris need to fill with blood for an orgasm to happen, and the penis needs to fill with blood so a man can build a level of excitement to ejaculate, so too, blood brought into this meaty area brings excitement to the sexy, bodacious backside.

It is a vibrant feeling brought on by the hands of another.

Inside of our skins, sometimes we feel alone.

This way to connect is immediate, enhanced with a sharp, deliberate whack of a lover’s hand that lets us know that we are desired.

Deep inside all of us, we often feel we should be punished for our misbehavior in our normal dealings with our parents, partners, co-workers, even in our relationship with the planet.

When we get a sensual spanking it is a kind of release from the guilt that comes from these pent up emotions, and afterwards we feel cleansed, although just a little sore, and redeemed for our indiscretions.

It is an important thing to remember when giving this kind of physically aggressive stimulation that the recipient has to be sexually excited before the spanking, this way the spanking enhances their stimulation.

If you just walk up to someone and randomly just slap their buttocks while they’re, say, washing the dishes, even if it is intended as playful, it is not received as playful, and it is not exciting.

It is justifiably seen as aggressive, abusive, and in many ways turns out to be emotionally irritating, physically painful and aggravating

They may want to hit you back, but not in a playful, sexual kind of way, but in a vengeful, angry way.

That is certainly not what a sensual spanking is all about.

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