Sensual Stories

Never forget that sensual stories tickle not only the mind but the erogenous zones as well. They ignite your passion, fill you with emotional pleasures, and remind you what desire feels like.

Since most of the Victorian era stories were written by men, we usually see the seduction from the male point of view. One can only imagine what the woman needed or wanted. That is, until Anais Nin, whose stories are among the most beautiful seductions ever written.

With lovers, or potential lover prospects as the main characters, we know what it feels like to be on the prowl. If he has his way, a seduction is going to take place.

Sensory details parade before our eyes. We are left feeling in our loins that something delightful has just happened to us as well. With enough imagination, we can conjure up the sensations as if we had experienced these details ourselves.

As the reader we see the protagonist find and then exploit each situation. Not merely to satisfy his lust, but because of her sensual desire as well.

Naturally, we can’t help but relate to one or more of the characters.

And by relating, we arouse that part of our subconscious. By imagining the sensations that we’re reading about, we end up using our creative imagination, and inspire a story from our sensory memory.

Sensory memory awakened, you consider, ‘how would I react to this sensual dance, this tantalizing material or this sensual lover? The handy and familiar use of sexual and sensual paraphernalia are the tools of seduction. A candle, feather, romance lingerie, are meant specifically and deliberately meant for the enjoyment of the flesh.

All of the flesh, that is. Not just the standard “big three” of mouth, breast and crotch.

Sensuality is when all of the body is explored for its erotic potential-- from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. By doing that, it raises it dimension from merely sexual to a sensual experience. When the sensual life of our existence is left to languish, we are left with the carnal basics of procreation which are selfish, unsatisfying, and self-serving.

These kinds of stories appeal more than just to our carnal lust. They are a call to our innate playfulness. As children we play, and in doing so discover each other and ourselves. As adults we still need to play but shovels and sand boxes don’t cut it for us anymore.

When that playfulness translates into sexual play, that can be our most fulfilling playtime of all. If you keep in mind that foreplay is essential to our need for fun, you’ll be able to write your own book of sensual stories.

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