Sensual Tantra Massage

Sensual Tantra massage is a living art shrouded in confusion and myth. Many have heard about Tantric sex in particular but the details all seems kind of fuzzy. So when they think about Tantric massage, the confusion is compounded. What does it all mean?

How can Tantric Sex be ‘real’ sex if there isn’t any actual intercourse as we know it? There isn’t any thrusting. The movements are slow, deliberate, with barely any touching, and certainly no handling of genitals.

All the things we know and relate to sex do not apply when you put them under the Tantric umbrella. And in particular, how does Tantric massage differ from any other forms of massage? Let’s investigate.

First of all, it is the not touch as we know it because your skin and theirs never come into contact when performing this 'massage'. In fact, it isn’t massage in the purest sense because you aren’t manipulating muscles or applying any pressure.

There is movement, but the active manipulation of the energy force aka Chi that surrounds and permeates every being around the Chakras to open and expand the chakras to receive sensual and stimulating energy.

In a comfortable temperate room, the receiver would lay face up on a massage table. The person giving the sensual tantra massage, starts at the bottom of the body, and moving their hands in a circular motion just above the body, gets the energy moving.

If you’d like to experiment with your own chi and actually see it, hold your pointer finger tips about a half inch apart facing each other. If you look carefully, you can see the space between the two fingers moving in wavy patterns. That’s your Chi, and above each of the seven chakra’s is where you’ll feel its manipulation at its best.

Since the focus of this page is on sensual tantra massage, the area of the body where most of the action takes place is above the pelvis where the second chakra is, that is the Sex Chakra. Start moving the palm of your hand in a slow, circular motion between the hip bones.

At first, it may seem as if nothing is happening, but keep moving your hand in that circular motion. In about five minutes or so, the recipient will feel an undeniable tingle and warmth in their pelvic area which will spread like liquid down to their genitals.

It’s intense and exciting in a very different way. And look ma, no hands!

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