Sensual Tantra

Ecstasy is your birthright. When you incorporate sensual tantra practices into your love-making, you become emotionally and spiritually connected to your lover and your essence.

Sexual ecstasy happens when the body, heart and soul are aflame with vibrant energy. With a relaxed body, the heart opens to trust. With a peaceful mind, consciousness expands all the way to ecstasy.

Sexual ecstasy begins with opening yourself to the healing power of pleasure. By expanding your orgasmic potential with sensual tantra disciplines, you learn to transform lust into bliss.

With Tantric approaches, we explore the nature of sexual energy and discover it as a conscious, joyful, ecstatic meditation.

When it comes to sensual tantra exercises, the most important thing to remember is to take your time when giving and receiving pleasure.

One position that highlights this passive approach is for him to lie on top of her, his penis inside her vagina for about ten minutes without any friction. Lying together quietly helps to nurture one another.

Another basic tantric position is called Yab Yum. In this she sits facing him, with her legs over his. She rocks back and forth as her need requires. Gazing at each other, touching any and all parts, the woman practices controlled breathing and moves around until she feels enough sexual energy flowing thru her.

Similar to Yab Yum the participants lean back on their hands. This allows a different angle for penetration.

In the male superior position called Utana the woman’s legs are over his shoulders. Penetration is deeper and feelings are more exciting. Again, no rushing. Loving looks are an integral part of tantric sex, unlike Western habits of shutting off lights or closing our eyes.

A variation of the Utana is for one of her legs to be up over his shoulder and the other one down. You can experiment by varying the Utana position.

Part of the Tantra ritual is to acknowledge our seven chakras, and in a quiet get-together with your lover, take turns touching each other's chakras.

A healthy body is built on good nutrition, gets sunshine, water, and a proper amount of exercise each day. That body is going to be more likely to finding its spiritual essence through Tantra.

If you’re not taking care of yourself, start today and make it part of the joy of living. Since movement is an important part of the tantric ritual, try a free style of dancing to loosen inhibitions. It can be done by one for the other or by both the partners together.

Keep a focus on what is relevant in lovemaking; that is getting close to the one you love and allowing your sexuality to reawaken the natural state of bliss that we are all capable of.

In Tantra, creating sensual surroundings is important. Some couples create an alter with incense, flowers, and candles. The atmosphere can be enhanced by giving one another a sensual Tantric massage. Sparingly use some good quality oil, wiping up any excess with a towel, if necessary. When both partners participate, this creates trust.

Sensual tantra practices can lead you to learn how to receive a full body orgasm which are waves of sensations running up and down your body, so you can’t tell where one orgasm ends and another begins. This is not something you make happen. It is something you allow to happen once you’ve discovered your essence, learned to relax and deep breathing exercises.

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