Sensual Touch Massage

The sensual touch massage, also known as Pattes D’Araignee which literally means “spider’s legs”, is not so much a massage per say, as it is a sexual technique that utilizes the body’s natural electric current to produce a release of sexual tension while never even touching the genitals.

This sensual touch massage is so delicate it has been compared to what it feels like when a spider is running up and down on the tiny hairs of the body.

It is so light and feathery, there is no actual contact of the fingertips to the recipient’s skin. The stroke takes place just above the skin, trailing lightly off of the hairs, and if there are no hairs, an imperceptible distance above the skin.

The mood, environment and ambience should be very relaxed. This sensual body massage should ideally take place after a more traditional massage, where the muscles and mind have been relaxed and the body is receptive to touch without being ticklish.

The receiver is naked, so the room needs to be warm and comfortable. Have them lie on their stomach. Position yourself to their side and start with a delicate touch at the nape of the neck that trails down to the ankles and then back up again.

This technique can only be done using fingertips, not fingernails, so make sure your nails are short enough so they won't interfere; about an eighth of an inch from the base.

Continue gently stroking in long, sweeping motions up and down the length of the body. Adding little pinches here and there during the long strokes adds to the intensity and build up.

This continuous flow of your energy over theirs raises their body’s natural electric current, building tension in every fiber of their body including the major erogenous zones, even though they are never actually touched.

After about ten minutes, the energy has built sufficiently to a tension that must be released. When that release happens, the flood of energy electrifies the entire body from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, with the greatest concentration of release being felt in the genitals.

This sensual touch massage is like no other sexual technique. It does not stimulate the genitals, breasts, or any of the major erogenous zones directly, and yet it is one of the body’s most incredible, natural pleasures and abilities.

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