Sensual Zen

Sensual Zen is achieved by letting go of the mind’s thoughts, tensions, worries and expectations, and allowing the focus on just being.

Zen asserts that all sentient beings have Buddha nature, the universal nature of inherent wisdom and virtue. Zen’s aim is to discover this Buddha-nature within each person, through meditation and mindfulness of daily experiences

Zen, derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “meditation” is in the attainment of enlightenment. As such, it de-emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favor of direct, experiential realization through meditation and Dharma practice.The establishment of Zen is a "special transmission outside scriptures" which "did not stand upon words".

It cannot be rationalized by the intellect, only experienced through the inner knowing, and sensual Zen is allowing our inner knowing to be realized through our five senses.
Zen practitioners believe that this provides new perspectives and insights on existence, which ultimately lead to enlightenment.

To achieve it is to be truly one with the essence of the body, experiencing its inherent wisdom. Is is knowing without knowing how or why; without ideas, expectations, thoughts or regrets.

Sensual Zen, then, is to be at one with the body, while feeling the release of tension as it melts away, starting from the head down to the soles of the feet, as well as the release of thoughts that invade our psyche. It is a level of being that concentrates its emphasis on the body’s sensual abilities above and beyond thoughts.

Because it relates to the release of tension and being at peace, it is often equated with sensual massage although there are others ways to develop it.

Meditation is the way to Zen. Create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Unplug the phone, and wear clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. Nothing tight, binding, or restricting should be worn. You want to find peace within your sentient being. You can only do that if you are totally comfortable.

Play instrumental music softly in the background. This music should ideally have a relaxing quality to it, with sounds of nature; the wind blowing, the rustling of trees, a brook splashing along the rocks or the crashing sea against the shore.

The music should not have words as you may be tempted to ‘sing along’. Zen has nothing to do with words. It is a natural state of being, of being receptive to the sensual influences that you’ve included in your relaxation.

Take a tiny bit of massage oil into your palms that has a balancing fragrance, and starting from the crown of your head, make small, circular motions, moving down onto your face, paying special attention to your ears, forehead, temples and eye brows.

This self massage should take at least ten minutes. Concentrate on the feel as you rub the oil into every inch of your body.

Light a scented candle to release its aromatic, relaxing aroma. Focus on its light for a few moments, and hold that light in your mind’s eye as you close your eyes.

Sitting comfortably with your back supported, start breathing rhythmically, concentrating on the sound of your inhalation, feeling its energy coming into every cell, every fiber of your being, and imagining all of your tension being released with the exhalation.

Concentrate on the scent you’ve lit and the feel of being in your body. Observe your thoughts as they come and let them go. Your space should be free of interruptions and disruptions.

Sensual Zen is being in touch with your physical self, perceiving it through your essence. It is being one with your inner peace via your five senses.

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