Sexuality and Spirituality

Sexuality and Spirituality are intimately linked. The body is the temple where the spirit resides. The spirit actualizes its needs and desires through the sensory equipment of the body.

Without sexuality, the spirit could not continue in its corporeal form. It is an integral part of living to survive, continue and thrive.

When we temper our actions with creative thoughts and consideration, our sexuality becomes a lot more interesting and beneficial for all consenting parties.

In many cultures, sexuality and spirituality have been at odds since the inception of their religions.

Instead of reveling in and appreciating what sensations the body has to offer, as well as our capacity for physical joy, we erroneously believe that physical pleasure is somehow sinful.

We convince ourselves that if we enjoy ourselves too much, we are hurting our collective soul.

In other words, one orgasm is good, but ten would be excessive. Excessive bliss? According to whom?

Creation meant for us to enjoy our sexuality. We have these erogenous zones for a reason.

Our design is not a mistake. Society has taken a long time to understand the benefits of the human body enjoying healthy sexual relations.

Now that we know, we must change our views of sexuality, making it a healthy activity when done responsibly with knowledge.

There are no detrimental effects to having too many orgasms.

Every orgasm you ever had or will ever experience should be seen as a gift.

They’re an affirmation of your life-force. They are beneficial to your heart, muscles, as well as your psychological well being.

When the need for sexuality is approached with an acceptance and a desire to grow, it is further evidence that we are growing as lovers of life. If indeed we are going to include spirituality with our sexuality, we must embrace it as an important connection to staying healthy, rather than seeing it as something base and animalistic.

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