Sexuality Books

Some of the best sexuality books ever written have been introduced in this century. Slowly but surely, erotica is including our sensual nature into our sexual practices, illuminating this need as beautiful and healthy all the while making it all the more fun and exciting. There are a plethora of sexuality books on the market. The topics range from bondage to massage and everything in between. The problem is that since so many think that sex is natural, there isn't anything to learn; that our sexual skills all come naturally.

There are books incorporating fantasy into our sex lives, or detailing the sexual exploits of others to ignite our passion and get our juices flowing. Predictable sex is boring sex. As the one species on the planet that actually has a fruitful imagination, it’s a good idea to include it in our sexual relations, especially in marriage, where making love with the same person for the rest of our lives can easily lead to predictability, boredom and eventually the death of romance.

Maybe more people should include fantasy in their sex lives. Maybe then our divorce rate wouldn’t be so high. If we knew that we’d play out a diverse number of characters for each other, we wouldn’t have to look for them outside the marital bed or in our longing for excitement.

Other sexuality books include topics on sexual positions, erotic massage, and the finer points of bondage. Everything you’ll need to fuel your imagination is contained in this sexual literature. It is important to remember, that sex in its most beautiful form is not natural. It is learned. To take it a level of truly making love, knowledge and skill are required.

Just because you have genitals does not mean you know how to make them work for your greatest sexual pleasure. Like anything you want to master, skills are required and need to be perfected. Everything you read, whether written by a doctor or a hooker, answers some part of the puzzle to make our sex lives hot, exciting, fun and what it is actually meant to be, the adventure of a lifetime!

When we include sensuality in our sex lives we must not forget the voice. One would think that because the majority can speak, that we would be able to express ourselves before, during and after coitus to help the relationship along. But because of the stigma many Americans have given to enjoying our sexuality, speaking about it, for many, has become one of the most difficult things to do.

We’d rather use perfumes, cleavage, fashion, social status, and sexual innuendo to attract each other rather than admit what we need, how we want it, and then moan with delight when we get it.

Free your voice. Find a way to let your lover know that what you’re doing feels great. If they need advice, don’t be afraid to open up emotionally and verbally to expand your horizons.

As students of life, there will always be plenty to learn, and when it comes to sexuality books and the lessons they teach, school is never out.

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