Sexuality Information

Sexuality information, especially in the more sexually inhibited areas of the world, is not readily encouraged. It is as though we fear pleasure as something corrupt and distasteful.

A case in point is when one of our Surgeon Generals recommended masturbation to our young as a way of preventing disease and unwanted pregnancy. She was asked to resign for this. Instead of addressing our sexual needs, we are taught to ignore them and practice abstinence. Is this the wisest course of action? I think not!

Sex isn’t evil. Knowledge is empowerment. Instead of understanding that sex is necessary evil, we discourage any information to approach it with knowledge. Instead of encouraging self love, children are taught to repress and ignore this most basic human need. If marriage never occurs we encourage denial of sex altogether, setting up a lifetime of sexual frustration.

Sexual responsibility is not taught in school or at home. When it comes to our sexual desire, we are taught that abstinence is the only acceptable alternative, which leads to frustration and pent up sexual energy that must find its release one way or another. We do our society more harm than good by denying that sex is normal, natural, healthy, and necessary, and like any living art, a skill that must be learned, developed and appreciated if it is to bring us a lifetime of satisfaction and pleasure.

Unfortunately, most of the sexuality information we get is second hand at best, passed from one unknowing, sexually inhibited individual to another, and always based upon archaic prejudices that have been handed down through the generations. I have personally met grown women who still think they urinate from their clitoris! It seems that ignorance is preferred to self examination and bliss.

The only formal sexuality information we hear about is limited to all the things that can go horribly wrong as a result of sex such as unwanted pregnancies and the spread of devastating sexually transmitted diseases.

Instead of teaching our society to celebrate sexual happiness, we are warned, scolded, reprimanded, and directed to repress our sexual cravings until marriage, and then, only to procreate. Truly, the Puritans who influenced our laws continue to keep us from enjoying our sexuality, even today.

We are never taught to embrace our sexual needs with personal responsibility, care, or up to date information. Is it a wonder that so many people are looking to medications to help them achieve some level of sexual satisfaction? Bliss begins in the mind. Knowledge is power. The more you know the more satisfaction you can expect.

Sexuality expressed with knowing and confidence can enhance and delight our lives. We must learn to celebrate it as the best part of being human. Instead of being ashamed of our need for sexual pleasure, regarding it as a bane on our society that must be controlled, feared, and seen as something animalistic and dangerous, we must embrace its beautiful and healthful properties as ways to natural healing and as a means of finding peace, balance and creativity within ourselves.

For sex to be fun, interesting, exciting and fulfilling, sexuality information must be readily accessible throughout our lives to help us understand and compensate for the ever changing body and this primal need. Only then can we move forward from a sexually repressed society to an open, loving one that finds its greatest expression in this most basic need.

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