Tasty Twist

Tasty Twist is an edible masturbation cream that imparts a sensation of pure pleasure that every woman should come to know and appreciate. It is the most delicious way to keep the female genitals excited, the blood flowing, and their ability for sexual pleasure at its best. Masturbation is also the best way to avoid pregnancy and diseases and stay out of relationships born of desperation.

Tasty Twist

The fact that your hand reaches your genitals with ease should be regarded as a sign from above that we are meant for pleasure, and charity begins at home. If you know how to touch yourself to orgasm, you are ahead of the individual who doesn’t know how, doesn’t want to learn, and is waiting for someone to do it for her.

When manual stimulation is the means to seeking pleasure, help your sensuality efforts along with this sensational cream. Use this gentle cream to provide wonderful stimulation specifically for female genitals.

Its light, creamy texture provides great slide and glide while in and on this delicate tissue. As it penetrates into the Labia Majora and Labia Minora, it gets the blood flowing to her genitals, and when the clitoris in particular has enough blood in it, it has enough tension to explode into an orgasm.

This delicious cream provides prolonged stimulation, without excess or the necessity of adding more. A little dab will do the job of getting the genitals excited.

Self-sufficient as a masturbation cream, the “twist” is that it’s incredibly delicious. If or when masturbation becomes cunnilingus, with flavors so rich and creamy, it becomes a delightful invitation to share the fun of sexuality.

Ellen Says- Convenient and discreet packaging maintains privacy for pleasure during road or plane trips

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