Taurus Sexuality

Taurus sexuality is ruled by Venus. Its energies are passivity, receptivity, subjectivity and integration. These feminine principles integrated within a male mean that even the straightest Taurean won’t be a hard and fast he-man.

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Steeped in the feminine experience, he seeks tenderness. Venus’ come-hither energy makes him the epitome of manhood from a female point of view. The eternal Adonis, his animal magnetism is practically palpable.

Taurus sexuality represents the soul’s age between 7 and 14, the proverbial ‘flower of youth’. At the brink of sexual maturity, they retain this same sense of untarnished innocence, if not blissful ignorance. At least, that is what those who wish to seduce him are led to believe.

Basically, the Zodiac’s love object, he is physically at ease, alluring and allusive. His inherent sensuality is seen as totally nonthreatening to women so its easy for them to seduce him.

By holding back, he's able to pull them in. Taurus the Bull, with all his strength, stubbornness and sensuality is probably better looking than average, his physical type personifies masculine perfection on the physical plane.

Often with dimples, his looks are unmistakably boyish. A meditative creature, he watches, waits, and coaxes adoration from others.

The Taurus sexuality approach to courtship would be regarded as feminine in the animal kingdom: he signals readiness, but to clinch the deal, he expects the opposite sex to do the pouncing.

Nine times out of ten Taurus is seduced into sex. This strong, silent type, astrology’s male love object, enjoys living in the reflective heat of others’ desire for him.

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If the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, for this zodiac’s Narcissus, they are mirrors reflecting back on him self. A slow, thoughtful lover, who when allowed to be his lolling best, is uncommonly capable of sustaining marathon sex sessions.

Taurus’ mantra is “I have” and because of this is usually very jealous and possessive. He employs his demure strength as a means of acquiring all things he fancies, including people, as if they were possessions.

This earth sign, caught up in his five senses, enraptured by beauty in all its forms, is focused on earthly pleasures. When it comes to relationships, he's rarely a risk taker.

He requires a ‘sure thing’ to make a relationship commitment. Since he waits for the female to make the moves toward sex, he spends a lot of time in the bull-pen, and arguably is the one sign that suffers most from blue balls.

Typically, he is disinterested in masturbation because what gets him off most is seeing a partner getting off on him.

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A sensualist, not an eroticist, he doesn’t go for impersonal group sex or fantasies. Of course, he could always go for a Japanese style ménage a tois where two women are there to please and worship him.

Taurus Sexuality is indiscriminate with whom he sacks, yet once he’s there, he’s pretty laid back. Left to his own devices, he may just lie there just letting himself be done. A docile and hedonistic creature, it’s hard to tell if he’s really enjoying himself. But if his lover is looking for a slow and easy session, this ‘clitoral connoisseur’ has elevated cunnilingus to a rite of worship.

To his credit he generally values personality and intelligence above looks. Often a bit insecure about his own brainpower, he looks beneath the surface for content of character rather than beauty of form.

At his core, this man is looking for security and guidance. He doesn’t endeavor to steer the love boat but rather to luxuriate in all that's being offered him on board.

More than any other sign, Taurus has the ability to inspire a female cult following, a symptom of his magnetic fixed-sign standing, which goes hand in hand with his archetypal status as the fertility idol incarnate.

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