The Teasing Whip

This teasing whip is 12" from the tip of the handle to the ends of its buttery soft black leather straps. This flogger is a miniature multi strand leather device with a leather bound handle and exceptionally soft straps. It is an exciting visual prop for B&D foreplay but definitely not hard-core. Made of such supple, giving leather, its bark is far worse than its bite.

For those who want to play with the pleasure/pain principle, it is the perfect tool. Even if its incredibly soft material is used full force, it won't leave a mark, welt or bruise.

The 'pain' is more of the sweet torture of anticipation. Have you been naughty? Do you deserve a spanking? More importantly, would you like a spanking? This fantasy game of playing the bad girl or boy and getting a punishment is more pleasure than pain.

Teasing Whip Soft Flogger

Don't confuse it with a Cat of Nine Tails! It is not in the same league. This is more of a tease for breasts, the penis, and any other super sensitive erogenous zones.

Just the sight of it gets your juices flowing! The strands are 6 inches long and a ½ inch wide. Quality leather leaves an exquisite sensation as it gently and provocatively disciplines any body part.

Add some delicious spice to your foreplay with different kinds of sensual touches that awaken a distinctive approach to touching each other. Crying out for delicious variety of pleasure sensations? This flogger supplies all the drama without any of the trauma.

Build tension around the anticipation of its reputed sting. Enjoy the discipline of its function. Instead of the sting of stiffer leather, the sensation is just enough to wake up the more sensitive areas.

But it also has just enough bite to stimulate all erogenous zones. Keep your lover's attention while building sexual tension.

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