Teen Sexuality

The hot topic of teen sexuality has been a source of great concern for many years, but especially in today’s society. The teen body is going through some very dramatic physical and emotional changes, all brought about by raging hormones. These are the years they are transforming from children into adults. New emotions and abilities wash over them like a tsunami.

Teens who get swept up in this wave by acting irresponsibly can get pregnant, diseased or both. And unlike the STDs of our ancestors, all of today’s diseases cannot be cured, so one rash action, one slip up, can set a youngster on a path of desperation with less opportunities to develop and grow into their potential.

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In the teen years we learn what orgasm feels like, whether we first experience them via wet dreams or through masturbation.

If the teen wants to pursue having orgasms by their own hand, they must realize that they are setting up the foundation for their sex life.

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Especially important for guys, is to take their time when building up to the orgasm.

The guy who masturbates too quickly to orgasm is teaching himself the bad habit of premature ejaculation that will plague him, causing him grief, insecurity, and a lifetime of unsatisfying sex.

Better to take it slow, learn where your control is so you can learn how to stay in control.

Good sexual habits developed during the teen years are particularly important for guys so that when they learn to orgasm it is a conscious choice, not something that gets away from them.

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This is also the time that young women should learn self love. If they teach themselves how to have an orgasm without a partner, they also learn to harness their sexual power, while developing a sense of independence and self worth. When the time comes to choose a partner, it will be a choice made from a point of strength, not desperation or insecurity.

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