The Big O

The Big O is the newest version of a vibrating cock ring. It has a variety of speeds, is made with super stretchy material and can transform your lover's penis into a magnificent vibrating machine.

Now, Bushman products has invented its own version of the vibrating cock ring; one that goes through nine different vibrations automatically, changing every 30 seconds, giving you the ride of your life.

No more fumbling around to adjust the speed, just push the on button, and it’ll starting humming at a medium vibration. Then, without touching it again, it’ll change to a pulsing vibration, then onto another cadence, each one different than the last, each one meant to keep the clitoris from burning out from the same, predictable vibration.

Extremely comfortable, the ring stretches to accommodate even the widest male. Turn it on and be turned on by power, and intensity.

This is what everyone really wants--comfort, fit, power, long lasting playtime that won't quit until you're ready to quit. The bullet is covered with a specially enhanced silicone gel ring in the shape of nubs that reach in and stimulate the clitoris, to reach orgasm, time and time again.

This state-of-the-art adult toy increases pleasure for the sensuality and sexuality of both partners by helping him prolong the length and firmness of his erection.

Multiple vibrations, replaceable batteries, waterproof, you’ll burn out long before it does!

Eighty minutes of continuous use. Find replaceable watch batteries for it at Radio Shack.

For those of you who have never experimented with a Vibrating Cock ring at all, and would rather take it for a 'test drive' before investing in batteries, etc., there is also the Screaming O.

This is a disposable vibrator with thirty minutes of playtime. It is comfortable, fun, intense. With a little on/off switch you can divide the thirty minutes into portions of 10/10/10, or 15/15, or whatever works for you.

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