The Power of Imagination

by ENR
(Hazlet, NJ USA)

I work in an gym, well actually a fitness center. There are lots of hot, sweaty, muscular, lean, and nice looking guys and gals everywhere. Their sweat gear is varied and revealing, and truth be told, I am constantly amazed at some of the exercises they do. As fit as I think I am, and I’ve been exercising for most of my life, I’ve never achieved that level. None-the-less, I take great delight in watching them move; a performance of sorts, the flexing and contracting of muscles that take strength, coordination, balance, and core stability, all of which are prerequisites to enjoying the many positions for a varied sex life.

I equate sexual prowess and strength to sensuality and sexuality since selling erotica has been my ‘bread and butter’ for many years. Now I sell fitness primarily, but I can see how the two are interchangeable. I've always celebrated the idea of a body being beautiful and thus able, although my focus concentrated on educating females to learn pleasure through movement. That was, and always has been, my main focus--the importance of staying fit, inside and out, so you can always enjoy a vigorous, imaginative, fun sex life.

As hot as some of the clients are, some of the staff are equally delicious to behold. All of the personal trainers workout to look their very best. They keep their weight constant and pride in their appearance. Sexy is everywhere I look. From the front desk and all over the gym. What’s a girl to do? The building holds a smorgasbord of hotties, some who sell fitness, some who want fitness, and those who support it as an industry.

I am recently widowed. I guess you could call me a cougar, and maybe some would think that I should be slowing down, sexually speaking, but I’m not slowing down. I know too much and I’m needed too much, if not for my body, then for my insights, wisdom and guidance when it comes to sexual/sensual pleasure. If anything, I've always honored my sexual hunger. I have never been ashamed that I’m a sexual being. Now I’m alone. The young-uns abound—fella’s of all ages who have more sexual energy than they know what to do with, and me, who knows exactly what to do with it.

The first story I want to tell you about is JJ. I know he wants me, but he doesn’t think for a second that I’d accept. He’s single, in his mid twenties and could learn a lot from me. I am the much older woman, well preserved for my age. Truth be told, most people guess that I’m 20 years younger than I actually am. Still, I’m sure my reputation for being in the erotica business and writing a book on the subject drives him crazy and excites him subconsciously. Add to the fact that I wear a double dose of Pheromone perfume every day and he can’t spend more than a minute with me in my office before he has to retreat to the bathroom. At first I thought he had a small bladder. But now I’m sure he leaves so I won’t see the erection my pheromones inspire.

He’d like to believe that I’d accept his advances but he knows better. I see him peering at me, playing, closing the door and hiding. He wants me to look for him, but I don’t want to play. I’m there to make money—not chase JJ. Still, the thought of using all that young, virile, willing sexual energy to satisfy myself 6 ways to Sunday is just too tempting.

He’s just finished his Sunday shift when I come in for a swim. Curious to know why I’m there, he follows me to the ladies locker room. He’s a Leo, you know, he can’t help but be bold. And when it comes to magnetism, JJ is all Leo. Handsome, picture perfect body, stylish cut-—definitely do-able.
I quickly slip into my 1-pc bathing suit, checking to make sure I have the goggles and swim cap before I hit the showers on the way to the pool. After rinsing off the day, I’m ready to immerse myself in the pool's perfect warmth.

As I round the corner, I see JJ coming straight towards me. He’s also wearing a bathing suit, and is wet.
“Hey E! You going in the whirlpool?” His question caught me off guard.
“Later, first I’m swimming laps. Why…you going in the whirlpool?”
“I was thinking about it”. He grinned, then looked down, say, “You said you weren’t boring. I thought all married women were boring. Prove to me that you aren’t just like all married women.”

He hadn’t looked up during his challenge. It was as though the words that came out of his mouth came from another place. Yet his challenge was so preposterous that for a second, I thought, I can make him come without ever touching him. I wonder if he’ll see that coming.

I decided to make him wait and stuck to my plan to swim. He watched with amusement from the side lines, patiently waiting for me to get my cardio in. Every other lap I did a back stroke so I could keep an eye on him. Was he still watching? Waiting for me? I told myself ‘ his ‘challenge’ is a joke. He was always kidding--pulling my leg.

By the 10th lap I had hit the wall, energetically speaking. I hadn’t taken my Pre-workout drink and the day swept over me like a lead suit. My breathing and stroke became irregular and labored. Still in the deep end, I paused to tread water, to catch my breath. JJ must’ve sensed that something wasn’t right, because within a moment he dove in and swam to my side. His hands immediately surrounded me and I noticed that he had nice hands, strong, firm, sure. As he pulled me close, I appreciated his trim core and smooth skin. Still, I had to back him up. Someone had to be the adult.
“Whoa, big boy, where you going”? My affected accent was meant to make light of his boldness, in a sense, to overlook his presumption.
“I thought you needed help.” He looked into my eyes. His gaze was begging me to make a move on him for which he would gladly reciprocate.
"I’m alright, but thanks for caring”.
“Oh course”, he said. “Anytime”.
He swam back to his lookout spot and I finished my last 2 laps. As I stepped out of the pool I could feel his eyes on me. He was checking me out; taking it all in. When we work together I normally wear loose blouses to hide my generous bosom, but there was no hiding today.
“Are you leaving?” he sounded disappointed. “No, actually, I’m going into the whirlpool for a bit. Want to join me?” He looked thrilled.

The water was pretty hot and intense. I positioned my butt above a strong jet of water and hovered there. Held long enough, and if I desired, I could easily ‘kegel’ myself to a clitoral and/or vaginal orgasm with the water's help. Of course I didn’t tell JJ what I was doing. I just floated above the jets enjoying the sensations. Eventually, I allowed my legs to float up and part ever so slightly.

He and I were alone. The Aquatics center was empty. As if on cue, the lifeguard left his post and went to stand by the office so that we were no longer in his line of sight. JJ moved closer.

“This is nice, right?”
I nodded, feeling the pulsing waters all around and his excited presence right next to me. His desire was palatable.
“What are you doing?” I guess my position looked a little weird.
“I’m getting excited." I answered nonchalantly. "What are you doing?” He looked stunned. He wasn’t sure how I was getting excited. Was he the cause of my excitement? Not really, but it didn’t hurt that he was full of desire and standing right next to me. I smiled, keeping my eyes closed, relaxing my head back and letting the water flow through my lips, and over my butt. The more I liked it, the better it felt. I must’ve started moaning or whimpering because he heard me.
“Oh my God, what are you doing now?” He couldn’t believe what was happening.
“I’m enjoying the water” I said innocently, eyes still closed, arms still positioning me above the water jet. And then it happened. Maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex in such a long time and my body really needed it, or maybe it was the combination of the fantasy of this young man wanting me so badly I could feel it undeniably, but in no time at all this surge of sexual energy pulsated up through my labia into my clitoris and up through my G Spot. With Pompoir Power, I kept the sensations going. I never let go of the seat that positioned me. JJ never touched me, but I came anyway, and when I did, so did he. Even though I never touched him physically, I had touched something inside of him, and that’s all it took.

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