The Sensuous Woman

by Pix Pieswax
(Edingburgh, Scotland)

In Reay Tannahill’s book, “Sex in History”, the great Greek philosopher Socrates categorizes the three basic sexual appetites of women: Prostitute, Wife and Heteirae. In short, the Prostitute uses sex as a means of bartering, the Wife tolerates sex to procreate and Heteirae women want sex because they actually enjoy it. In Japan Heteirae types were known as Oinan. But wherever in history or today you find them, these women know how to enjoy their life, body, talents, gifts and whenever possible, all of their erogenous zones. Why? Because they can!

Today’s Hetaerae are sensuous women, the model of which was written about in a 1974 best seller by the same name. In short, she knows what her sensual wants and needs are and how to satisfy them. She does not have sex to be used and won’t tolerate being left unsatisfied. Children are a by-product of sex but not the main reason for it. They would never barter their sexual favors. One third of women have this Hetaerae mentality. The other two thirds don’t care if they are sexually satisfied. They take the ‘wait and see’ approach to sexual relations. If their lover gives them pleasure, they are grateful and a little surprised. If not, it doesn’t matter. Their pleasure is secondary.

Hetaerae women don’t wait--they take what they need and guide the proceedings to satisfy their lust. They are the modern day nymphs who will ‘take the bull by the horn’ (pun intended) to daze and amaze their partner with their sexual prowess. Once a man has tasted what a Hetaerae woman has to offer, he will always want more.

Our story begins with one such female travelling in Europe. She is ready for a lover of epic proportions, for the next great adventure to manifest both literally and figuratively. He has to be special, as in super hot and intelligent. He has to be into her, want her. And last but certainly not least, he had to smell good.

As circumstances would have it, at the next port, a platoon of Greek soldiers boarded the ship—literally hundreds of studs who would've loved the opportunity to give a girl a serious plowing. But who among them was the crème’ de la crème? She’d know if the attraction was immediate and magnetic.

While the passengers were boarding, Pix and her traveling buddy had been situated on the ship’s top deck. Close to the back of the ship, the roar of the engines made them shout loudly to be heard. During this verbose exchange, Pix made a comment regarding Chios, the island where they were temporarily docked. She stopped briefly to consider what else she might include when a very masculine voice said in perfect English, “and they also produce excellent wine.”

She turned to see where the voice was coming from and beheld a soldier more beautiful than any Greek statue. Short cropped blonde hair and piercing blue/gray eyes contrasted with the gentleness of his voice. A modern day Alexander the Great, she almost gasped at his beauty but caught herself before she revealed too much.

“Hello. And you are?” Her words were automatic. Her body had taken over and her mind had taken a back seat to her desire.


“So nice to meet you. You speak English beautifully.” She couldn’t stop looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Thank you. I am an interpreter for the Greek army.” She could feel herself becoming impressed with his initial credentials. Leaning forward, she took a deep breath and extended her hand. He smelled so damn good!

“My name is Pix and this is my friend, Rhoda.” He took her extended hand as if he was going to shake it, but instead bowed slightly. Lifting it to his lips he kissed it. She had to smile. That was poise. That was sweet. That was romantic. All she could think was how very nice. Standing close to him she inhaled to calm herself.

When Christopher and Pix started talking it was 6:00 p.m. So engrossed were they in their conversation that the hours flew by. Dusk turned into midnight. Rhoda had long departed. It was obvious that Christopher only had eyes for Pix. There would be no ménage-a-tois tonight. And Pix didn’t need or want to share his attention. He was exactly what she needed. Strong, intelligent, talented and disciplined; after her last fiasco on Mytilene, Chris was just what her bruised ego needed.

Christopher wasn’t your typical army grunt. How did she know? Besides the fact that he was cultured, educated, and in numerous special divisions of the army, his wallet was stuffed with literally thousands of drachmae bills waiting to be spent. The regular army made 50 drachmas a month. This guy was literally rolling in cash. No, there was nothing regular about him and the more they talked, the more she wanted to see him stand at attention for her. In the moonlight she could see his eyes gleaming with passion. His gaze so intense that she could feel the heat coming off of him.

Around 2 a.m. they had been leaning precariously over the railing. A moment later arms had encircled each other; first along the back, but then slowly, completely all around. He pulled her close and kissed her long and hard. Their chemistry was electric, a synergistic exchange of scent, taste and warmth. Delicious, exciting, stimulating to every extremity, blood coursed purposefully to their extremities, hearts synchronized and the desire made it very clear that they could not stop.

Even though this ship was a floating hotel, the rental office was closed at 2 a.m. but that was not going to deter them. The question was, where could they be free to share their passions? After a brief search they decided that the only place that made any sense was back on the deck of the ship. Everyone else would be sleeping, cocooned in their sleeping bags. As long as they were quieter than the ship’s roaring engine, they wouldn’t arouse too much of an audience.

Back on the deck, the canopy of a million stars against the black night sky only deepened their appreciation of the moment. They kissed, slowly, deeply. He was good a good kisser. He lingered. She quickly tried to unbutton his shirt but he was in no rush. Taking his time was driving her wild.

Christopher was at the peak of his physical life. The military had made sure of that—he was as near to perfect as any body could be: toned, disciplined and ready. And he hadn’t had a woman in almost six months. I know what you’re thinking—that he’d have trouble holding back. For most guys, that may have been an issue. But Greek men savor sexual play. They are masters at it. It’s almost like they take a course in becoming a ‘Lover Extraordinaire’. Christopher was ready, willing and able to demonstrate his credentials. He would prolong, enhance and enjoy every moment of foreplay. And Pix was the lucky and willing beneficiary of his expertise.

From the first passionate kiss that seemed to last for hours, every movement had purpose, pleasure and passion. Slowly the clothes came off. As she shed her clothing, warm deliberate breaths exhaled strategically over her moist skin and he kissed her from top to bottom. There were no wasted movements. When they were both naked,so strong and in control, he stood and lifted her up onto his northerly facing cock as if she were as light as a feather moving her with precision for their mutual pleasure.

They could have gone on for many more hours but as the light of dawn started to peak out from the sea’s edge, it was time to consummate their pleasure. He had literally lasted for hours. So intent was he on savoring this woman’s unbridled passion and eagerness that he lasted all night to do so. Literally a night to remember.

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