Treasures of the Sea
Bath Crystals

With Treasures of the Sea bath crystals swirling around in your tub, it's like taking a mini vacation. Stress dissolves away, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, calm and rejuvenated. Sensual salts of kelp and dulse bring heaven on earth into your tub.

As this heavenly water surrounds you, your tub becomes a sensual place, the scent of the sea filling your nostrils. Your imagination easily drifts, relaxing with the warmth created all around you, creating a private lagoon in your bathroom. All of your senses are involved in the relaxation created by this magical bath product. You are encompassed by the pleasure of the water as a sensual massager, caressing every inch of your body.

Set up a candle to create a relaxing mood ambience. Make sure your tub is clean and ready ahead of time. All you need to add is sea shell’s worth of these rejuvenating crystals into the tub and add water. With pulsating water, expect bubbles. Combined with the water, it inspires you to enjoy your some quiet time. One scoop transforms a regular bath into a place where you can replenish your mind, body and spirit.

Once you’ve immersed your body in the tepid water, feel the draining tension release from every muscle, enabling you to once again pursue your sexuality and its gifts. After fifteen minutes in this nurturing and therapeutic bath, you feel like new and are ready to be close to your loved one. Your skin feels soft and touchable. There’s never any residue left on your skin or in the bathtub.

Bathe small children in this relaxing bath and let its aroma lull them into a peaceful, relaxed state. In a short 15 minute bath, they'll be ready to sleep. Nothing else does it better, or more naturally. Try some tonight.

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