Two Ships in the Night

by Eleanor Rigby
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I have a sensual story for you. It involves an older woman and a younger man. You might even call her an older cougar and him prime cut. He’s 25. And her, well, we’ll say she’s older than 25 but it doesn’t matter because they both want the same thing—sex with each other. That’s all. No long drawn out conversations on how they’re going to build a life together. No, each one is where they are, like 2 ships in the night, they're crossing each others path in the vastness of time and space. And if you believe the old adage, you meet everyone for a reason, a season or a life time, well the reason for this was pure, unadulterated, lustful, carnal knowledge of each other.

Our story begins in a fitness facility. He’s been there a lot longer than her and knows all the ins and outs. I mean that figuratively and literally speaking. As a young Leo, he’s always on the look out for the next female that he can conquer. Like a male lion of a pride, his selection of females to mate with is based on his sense of entitlement and given that he’s quite the looker himself--that she will simply enjoy being there given her attraction to his perfect male beauty and the deliberate seduction he used to secure the conquest.

He imagines himself a male model and in that pursuit, works very hard to keep his body, face, hair and even hands and feet manicured, moisturized and smelling good. I’ll put it this way --his body is his calling card. He doesn’t need to say much.

When she starts to work as part of the sales force, his sales are the one to emulate. She tells him so on the first day.
“When I grow up I want to be just like you.” She's stroking his ego. Leo's like that. I doubt he even heard her. No reaction from him except a momentary flair of his upper right lip. Was that a snort of derision? You couldn’t tell with him. He played his feelings very close to the chest.

In their first few months working together, there weren’t too many times for them to work side by side. He wanted to lead the troops, which in this outfit was all guys. As the only Leo, he was naturally a take-charge kind of fellow so the others—a laid back Aquarian and 2 mellow Taureans, were willing to follow his lead.

But the new woman in town wasn’t following. Instead, she was challenging him. She knew more about sales than he did and couldn’t easily follow one so young. For her, it just wasn’t natural. If anything, he would follow her for one night of unbridled passion. She'd put a smile on his face as well as hers, and never speak of it again. In this relationship there was no future, there was only the sweet moment.

She patiently waited for her opportunity. These things can’t be rushed or forced. Then one night the facility emptied out very quickly. Not a soul in sight. Friday night was beckoning and the gym’s members were hearing its call. She dabbed her pheromone perfume on. They never see it coming. This was seduction under the radar. No inviting cleavage. No poofy hair. No lip liner. Just a come and 'fuck me' scent that would draw him in at a primal level. He’d pay attention and he wouldn’t even know why.

She had warned him months ago of its power. He laughed it off. In his eyes, there was nothing she could teach him, nothing about women he didn’t know. She knew otherwise. In her hands, she was sure to hear this lion roar.

She looked in the mirror and straightening her hair, wondered how this seduction would unfold. Yes, she was fit. She smelled good. But she was considerably older than him, not his type at all. No long hair or tattoos. Would he hold that against her? Ironically, when she asked herself that question she came up with a yes and a no. No, he wouldn’t let age stop him from tasting what could likely be the best sex he’d ever have. Not if she could help it. And yes, he’d hold all of her against him and in his rush of desire, would swell to epic proportions. Of both of these she was sure.

Taking a deep breath and stepping out of the office, her eyes scanned the length of the facility. The humming of the electric lights overhead was strangely soothing. Not a soul in sight except for the young lion, sitting at his desk, studying his cell phone. Quietly she came up from behind him as he stared down at his phone, lost in his thoughts. She touched his shoulders to get him to turn around. His head jerked slightly to the right, “Yes?” This was a good sign.

“Whatcha doin?” The question was asked playfully.

“Making plans for tonight.” He looked up and smiled at her, a wide toothy grin full of anticipation. Was it the spark she sent when she touched his shoulder?

She touched his shoulder again. “Pretty tense. I can help you with that.”

“Oh, really? How’s that?” He was playing back. Another good sign.

“I have a glove in my car. It vibrates. Give me a few minutes to work your shoulders and we’ll have to mop you off the floor.”

He was intrigued. “Let’s see.”

She disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared with the glove already on her hand, buzzing loudly against the unusual quiet of the gym.

“You don’t have to take any clothes off to feel its strength. It’s pretty powerful. But of course, you can.”

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