Vaginal Dryness

When does vaginal dryness begin? Like so many other women, you don’t realize when this condition slowly but surely starts to increase in frequency.

It starts in your mid-forties, although more than one woman has reported Vaginal dryness in her mid to late thirties. Oral sex keeps you moist and juicy so maybe you don't notice for a while. If dryness had begun, with lots of oral sex, it's not really a problem.

But in your mid-fifties, when estrogen decreases, the thought of vaginal dryness looms once again. This is when sexual frequency is all important. You don’t use it, you lose it, you know?

I take that saying to heart! Or should I say, I take that saying to pussy?! You're probably not having the same amount of rigorous sex that you did in your twenties and thirties. Could the evil vaginal dryness condition overtake me?! Heaven, forbid!

Like other baby boomers who started their sex lives in the 60’s and 70’s, sex for us was varied, fun, and frequent. We got our groove on and enjoyed whatever we could to make sex fun.

Now, as middle aged to senior lovers, our attention goes to maintenance and technology. We want the power we had as youngsters and we’re willing to do what's necessary to make that happen.

You can buy thousands of different kinds of lubricants, but what can women do to help themselves avoid this condition for as long as possible?

First I would suggest that she take the natural route. Drink lots of water. Think of yourself as a beautiful flower that blooms when it is well watered. Natural remedies are usually taken by those who realize that their health is their own responsibility.

Don’t allow your body to dry out. As we age, we lose the ability to know when we are dehydrated. Make drinking eight ounces of water per hour every day a habit.

Next, practice yoga or some kind of strengthening exercises every day. By keeping your body youthful with exercise, it keeps all your parts believing you’re youthful and working that way. In particular, include 300 Kegel exercises every day. If you can’t do all 300 in one sitting, spread them out over the course of a day.

When you pay specific attention to the vagina daily, it keeps the area working as it should. So, a little masturbation couldn’t hurt to avoid dryness. Just because your partner isn’t as available as you need them to be, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your vagina. Think of masturbation as maintenance.

New on the market is an all-natural healing oil specifically for the vagina and corresponding area to keep it moist and juicy-- Sex Butter. Use it liberally for the maintenance portion of your masturbation and to keep vaginal skin moist.

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