Vibrating Bath Sponge

When you first see a vibrating bath sponge, it doesn’t seem like anything too exciting or even special. It certainly doesn’t look sexy, or even fun. But appearances can be deceitful.  This sponge can increase the pleasure of every shower.

Hang it conveniently inside the shower stall and use it every time you later up. As a mom, I like the fact that its design doesn’t call attention to itself or its potential for pleasure. In fact, as long as I’ve owned one, none of my kids have ever asked about the yellow sponge in the bathroom.

Its spongy material holds onto whatever cleansing gel or soap you’re using and you don’t have to use a lot. A little squirt and you can wash an entire body without the need to squeeze out more. And anyone can use it! It always does a great job spreading out the soap or cleansing gel you’ve opted to clean with.

But put a double A battery in it, turn the cap clockwise, and this seemingly innocuous sponge becomes a powerhouse of pleasure. “Move over shower head”, a new kind of stimulator is now available!

Get ready to experience a massaging vibration that is not only powerful but tons of fun. Alone or with your partner, the vibration provides an exciting shower experience for lovers who want a change of pace from bedroom foreplay.

It works particularly well, that is exciting and stimulating, with a mint based cleansing gel. Rub it on and rub it in. No matter where you wash, this is one sponge that will excite and delight.

The one I use has lasted for many years and it amazes me each time I turn it on and it still works. I keep it clean by rinsing it out after each use and hanging it outside of the shower so it can dry completely between uses. Waterproof, fun, sensually and sexually stimulating, keep yours handy to make each shower or bath experience a truly satisfying one.

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