Vibrating Massage Glove
Love Glove

Powerful and unique, this wonderful Vibrating Massage Glove works anytime of the day or night.  Make sure you've got some fresh batteries in it, and you will be totally amazed at how relaxing, penetrating, and soothing this Love Glove can be. 

I call it a Love Glove for several reasons.

1)  Anyone would LOVE to get a massage with it.

2) Anyone who wants to give a massage (including children or the elderly) can give a professional deep tissue massage without needing the strength or a professional massage therapist. 

3)  You can use it anytime, anywhere.  Its shape is innocent enough.  It's a glove, after all, so

prying eyes won't know what other functions it can have...

Give the gift of massage even if you're not a trained massage therapist!

With this glove, its easy to be nice to yourself and others.

Massage is a loving, nurturing, rejuvenating act.

Practice on each other, especially your family members. It is truly a loving thing to do.

Love Glove

This vibrating massage glove is the first and only one of its kind.

  • Right or Left hand,
  • Two strong speeds powerfully penetrate deeply into muscles with minimal effort.
  • The more powerful vibration works best on the larger areas of the body-- shoulders, neck and back.
  • The gentle speed works well on more delicate parts, so masturbation with the glove, especially in the shower, is a sure-fire way to satisfy and start your day (or night) off right!
  • Uses Three triple A batteries (included).
  • Makes it convenient to take it with you on a plane, train, boat or automobile. You're not stuck to an electrical outlet!
  • Convenient to use: doesn't need any lotions or oils.  Over bare skin, wet skin in the shower, or over clothes.
  • Sexually discreet, it is unlike any other personal massager because it's a glove, not a phallic shaped rocket.
  • 9,000 vibes per finger, per minute = 45,000 vibes per hand.
  • Lasts for hours.
  • Quality workmanship.

Try it in the shower with a little Mint Tree Cleansing Gel for a double tingling, sensation--coolness & vibration!

Exhausted after a difficult day and suffering from a tension headache, plantar fasciitis, or arthritic stiffness?

Self-massage is a proven treatment for relaxing the ailing areas with vibration. Its power helps you to achieve relaxation without needing strong pressure.

Ask some who loves you to rub your shoulders. Even a child can do it!

Cleansing Gel





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