Virgo Sexuality

Virgo Sexuality strives to be the perfectionist. In all that he does, but in foreplay in particular, he is the optimal caretaker. In the bedroom, he demonstrates such carnal knowledge and dexterity as to suggest a startling empathy for a woman’s sexual needs.

Few men are better with their hands than Virgo Men. The same can be said for his mouth.

If he has a taste for the woman and applies his workman’s ethics to orally pleasing her, she will experience multiple orgasms like never before.

Virgo Sexuality includes a wildly active fantasy life, the bawdier, the better.

Being a mutable sign, there is no greater turn-on for him than as voyeur, watching a male and female getting it on.

The zodiac’s Hephaestus cannot but wonder what his mate might look like if she were being poked by a decidedly more aggressive man—it’s an image that at once excites and torments him.

Other sexual revelries often include nubile girls and deflowering virgins, which he does with great enthusiasm.

Some of his turn-ons include older, experienced women, small breasts, girl-on-top, white shoes & stockings, playing doctor, heavy porn, lite pain, alcohol, piercing, branding, gags, hoods and masks.

Regardless of whether he’s giving or getting the spanking, humiliation fantasies abound in Virgo Sexuality.

His attention to detail, once faced with a challenge, is sheer perfectionism.

He will use his great skill and incredible manual dexterity to pleasure his playmate for hours.

The problem is that once adulthood and its time-consuming responsibilities take hold, sex takes a back seat to almost everything else.

For many Virgo’s, sex is sadly lacking in frequency due to the Virgin’s prioritizing this very human experience.

Oddly enough though, he will appreciate oral sex given to him as often as possible.

No fuss, no muss, no worry about reciprocation.

Adam Sandler
Michael Keaton

Virgo self imposes severe rules and indeed punishment, depriving himself of even the slightest indulgence.

Only by taking the chip off his own shoulder, and then loving himself, will he be able to stop judging others and love them as well.

Due to his natural, somewhat feminine soft-spokeness, he naturally appears ‘different’ from other guys.

In part this is due to his defensive demeanor, which others interpret as shiftiness—that mutable earthiness makes him hard to pin down.

Virgo has a difficult time keeping scheduled appearances, and is often late or no-show.

As fastidious and picky as he is, next to making love to your beautiful body, Virgo will love analyzing your mind, dissecting your personality layer by fascinating layer.

In real terms, Virgo man is particularly adept at imposing his intellectual ideas onto the natural environments while being mindful not to abuse it.

If he has discovered his talents and capitalizes on them early in life, he shines and feels golden.

Hugh Grant
Sean Connery

The Principle of Compromise, Virgo Sexuality must find a middle ground between the Mother Earth and Sky Father, views of existence that Cancer and Leo respectively represent.

He must negotiate a will to master his environment with a yielding compassion for it.

Virgo’s motto, “I serve”, expresses his desire to make a mark without leaving a mess.

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