Vulvodynia aka Depressed Vagina

Vulvodynia was once described by a ‘TV Doctor’ as a depressed vagina.  Symptoms include burning, stinging, irritation or rawness of the vulva.  Some women may also have itching, aching, soreness, throbbing or swelling.    

Then, in this TV episode, she pulled out a pad and gave the young woman a prescription to combat the depression.  “I’m not depressed’ retorted the young lady.

“Oh, it’s not for you.  It’s for your vagina.”


Is your vagina depressed because she’s being ignored and not getting enough use and/or exercise?  It’s an easy fix.  Rather than take the doctor’s pill, Exercise!  Release those endorphins.  It’s good for you.


The old saying ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” applies to the vagina as much as any other body part.  How can a vagina possibly know when will be the next time that she’s going to get stimulated by blood flow; essentially life blood for her health and happiness?  She doesn’t.  Infrequent or unsatisfying sex over a lifetime can be depressing.

Add insult to injury by using tampons instead of pads, wearing super tight panties that prevent the vagina from cleaning itself out properly, or worse yet thongs that shift tiny bits of fecal matter up front onto their labia, and the delicate pH balance of a vagina is off, wreaking havoc, which in today’s pill happy society, means one more pill. 


Vaginas also need regular stimulation, care and attention.  They need to be appreciated and loved for their many functions.  Just because it’s not visible doesn’t mean you should ignore strengthening and toning it and in doing so, keeping it ready for the next time it’s going to get some action.


As a holistic healer my suggestion to ANY woman who has been diagnosed with Vulvodynia is to start treating your vagina with respect, not as an after thought or a liability.  Wash it lovingly with a mild cleansing gel.  Don’t wear thongs throughout the day.  Don’t sleep with panties on.  Do up to 300 Kegels every single day.  If you have a loving partner, have regular sex with them.  Whether you have a partner or not, strengthen your pelvic floor by doing isometric Kegel exercises with Ben Wah Balls.


If you don’t have a partner you’ll need to heal your Vulvodynia yourself.  That means masturbate and lubricate, squeeze your PC’s muscles to pump up the vaginal walls with blood, go beyond a critical state of excitement and then explode in a burst of ejaculatory fluid.  Do that 2 or 3 times a week and I predict that all symptoms of Vulvadynia will dissipate.  As long as you’re taking care of your vagina with as much dedication as you brush your hair or put your make up on, Vulvodynia will probably never return. 


Let’s face it:  Doctors will always reach for a prescription pad even if the prescription is overkill and the side effects are worse than the ailment.  That’s their training.  But I believe in listening to the body when it’s trying to tell us something and give in to a natural solution.  Couldn’t hurt!

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