We Work Together

by Electra Logon
(Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)

Here he comes, that tall, dark, sweet fella with the big grin and sparkly eyes. I love those sparkly eyes. They tickle my imagination and make me ask: is he into me or is my imagination working overtime fueled by the fact that I’m not getting what I need at home and my pussy has been incredibly sensitive and achy these past few weeks? You don’t know me, but when it comes to my sex life, I’m used to having a sumptuous time of give and take, time and patience, respect and knowledgeable foreplay. There is always effort but a good time is had by all. But now, that well has run dry and I’m afraid if I don’t get this pussy greased sometime soon, it too is going to run dry. And I can’t let that happen. So back to this fella I work with.
I see the way he smiles at me; the subtle ways his pupils dilate that first nanosecond that he sees me. He’s always warm and friendly and greets me with a big smile. That smile is genuine. You can tell he’s a happy person. He leads from the heart. Maybe he’s so happy because he has the chance to live in the United Stares, You see, he’s from the far off continent of Africa. Don’t ask ‘where’ in Africa because unless you’re well versed in the political life of each country, it means nothing. Suffice to say, he’s NOT from around here, not just another guy working under the same roof.
I often wonder what that clean, lean frame would look like without the usual red and white jersey and track pants. The only exposed parts of his body are his arms, head and neck, and as far as I can tell, they all look pretty well defined. I can only imagine what he looks like naked. And I do imagine what he looks like naked every time he walks down the hall, past my office and smiles at me.
As part of the Sales Team, I’ve been asked several times how we can get more people in the door of our workout facility. I say we should sexify the place up a little. Have our people wear revealing yet functional attire for the work day, and that includes the sales team as well as the Personal Trainers. All the personal trainers with their well defined, impressive bodies would be required to wear clothing that revealed that six-pack, or those shapely thighs, or that defined cleavage. I’d be in a perpetual state of excitement—how cool would that be?
Personally, I’d love to wear a pair of skin tight Danskin shorts and matching top to work. It would emphasize the fact that I work out and I could use my assets in more ways than one to make the sale without trying too hard. I’m sure all the boys would love to check out my ample rack outlined under skin tight shirts. They’re already staring at my ass even though I’m only wearing my less than sexy ‘business attire’. I wonder how much longer they’d stare if my ass was nicely defined by some skin tight shorts? Would the guys on my team also find it hard (pun intended) to work in that kind of environment? Come to think of it, it probably would be too much for their animalistic circuitry. That reptilian brain is easily stimulated by seeing the female form in its most natural state. Revealing skin may lead to attraction. That may lead to secret rendezvous’ in empty studios. Oh my!-- consenting adults having frisky, risky sex play! What will the Republicans say?
I invite this tall, dark and handsome to instruct me in my form. He is a Personal Trainer, after all, so he is certified in proper ways to help a gal bend over. I know he’ll continue to be the consummate professional, but in my mind, I can’t promise the same. My imagination will be going full tilt. As long as I can control my lust, I should be O.K.
He’ll want to see how flexible I can. Flexibility is the key to all the best positions. At first I’ll do less-than-sexy stretches to warm up, a few rotations from the waist and then arms extended out front to stretch my Lats. When I get to the Pec muscles, I hold the stretch much longer than the rest. My arms are clasped behind my back and I’m slowly bending over leading with my tits. I wonder if he notices that my nipples are erect. They’re erect because of him. Does he realize that my pussy is getting juicier by the second? And if he knew, would he even care?
A minute or two later and I’m stretching my hamstrings. I start with my arms raised. As soon as I raise my arms, my tits respond with tremors and I’m glad my back is to him. With a flat back, my ass juts out as I bend forward. I close my eyes to feel every muscle working and in my mind he is positioning himself closely behind me, hands cupping my spread hips. He rotates his hips left slowly, then right, imagining his long, hard thick cock spreading me out to accommodate him. “Hold that pose for 20 counts” he instructs. The average count is 8—you do the math.
I want to do it right. My body is exploding with sexual energy spreading out from every pore. Unbeknownst to him it is spreading out to him, stroking him, arousing his feral man. He must smell my pheromones wafting across the chasm because he’s gotten very quiet. I thought for sure he’d do the count to 20 out loud.
“Where am I in the count?” I murmur, not wanting to break the mood. “You’re almost there, three, two, one.” I start to stand upright again and move back a bit. I am surprised (and delighted) that his rock hard cock was just that close. For a brief moment, I felt his hardness lining my butt cheeks and pussy. He IS hard. And there’s enough to go around a couple of times. Oh my lord.
I’m not sure where this is going but I really like the sign post. By the time I slowly assume a standing position he is standing quietly with his hands cupped in front of him as if he is ‘at ease’. I know he’s anything but!
“What’s next” I asked eagerly.
“I think we should end for now. I just remembered I have a client coming in at 1:00.” It was 12:50. “I have to go get her paperwork so I am ready for her.” Lucky girl, I thought. That’s going to be one very stimulating workout, that’s for sure. With his pheromones peaking, it would be a good long while before he’s back to normal. Right now you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.
“Of course”, I said. “You do what you have to do”. This time when he smiled at me, it was more of a sheepish grin. I had felt that rock hard cock for a brief moment. There was no denying it. But we’re here, at work and he can’t risk being sexual with me. He’s hiding his erection. I smile knowingly to myself. I have to let him go but I’ve answered my own question. This session was a freebie as one professional to another. I can’t take up his ‘money making’ time to watch my form. But lord, I want to. And so does he.

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