Weekender Kit

Kama Sutra’s Weekender Kit includes delicate portions of the Original Oil of Love, spearmint stimulating Pleasure Balm, Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust, a sweet Almond Massage Oil and a Love Liquid sensual lubricant.

The Oil of Love is great for a heated massage and as a genital stimulant. Although it's called oil, it is water based. That makes it safe for genitals. Its warming properties create desire wherever it touches.

Weekender Kit

Use the original Pleasure Balm on genitals to help him last longer. A tiny bit goes a long way.

Tickle your fancy with the tiny feather duster that is included with the Honey Suckle powder.

The Love Liquid lubricant, which is water based, can be used directly on genitals or toys. Unflavored, sterile, long lasting, its quality is unsurpassed. No matter what direction your romance takes, there is a fabulous little extra to complement your desires.

Enhance your experience. Heighten sensitivity and sensation. Lovers will delight in each other with the magic they create from this kit.

All the containers are refillable. Airline approved sizes for travel.

Escape to romance, pleasure, and sensuality with your lover. Include sensual eroticism with these mini portions. Each product is just enough to enhance the intensity, the duration, and the depth of each physical embrace.


These small yet potent indulgences from Kama Sutra are as flavorful and aromatic as the luscious strawberry they represent.

They’re ripe for romance any time you desire and convenient in size and portion. Tuck one into a pocket, purse or overnight bag for sweet and delicious sensations by bringing the consideration of romance and sensuality with you.

Each set contains a Strawberry Dream Oil of Love, Strawberry Dreams stimulating Pleasure Balm, Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust, a sweet Almond Massage Oil and Love Liquid sensual lubricant. No matter which direction your passion takes you, you’ll have the complementary toiletry to take your passion to the heights of ecstasy.

Strawberry Dreams is a new addition to the Kama Sutra line. Strawberries added to sexuality makes for a dream dessert of the senses, intensifying the palate, the sense of smell and the desire for something different and new.

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