Your Inner Self

Recognizing your inner self is the beginning of a life long journey of knowing who you really are, what you really want, and learning to go with your flow.

Otherwise known as your essence, spirit, or inner knowing, it is not your ego’s desires and wants which are fleeting and constantly changing. It is your highest self making the highest choices, without regard to where it takes you in this materialistic world.

Your essence is that little voice that guides you to know right from wrong, fair from unfair, justice from injustice. It is the same in everyone.

It is a shared life force in all living beings, individuated by your form but always part of the whole. It is an energy that is constant, never ending, unwavering. Although many have chosen to ignore its messages, in the long run, is an undeniable voice.

Recognize that you are more than the sum of your parts. Realize that your life is so much more than the worries, fears, anxieties, struggles and dilemmas of ‘living’.

Those are the constructs of the mind. As Shakespeare once wrote, “nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Your inner self intuitively knows this; your ego will always argue with it.

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When you recognize your inner self, you are actually empowered. You realize you are never alone.

This intuitive knowing reassures you that you are not just your mind but rather a triune being--that is made of three parts: Body, Mind and Spirit. In religious terms those parts are known as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Spirit has always been hard to recognize because it cannot be understood by our five senses, with which we interpret the world.

It is that elusive influence that if allowed, will guide you to choices that lead you to your highest good.

If ignored, life can be a series of trials, with little to no satisfaction--an uneasiness with your circumstances that manifests itself in disease, both mental and physical.

The mind is always changing. It needs to be excited, stimulated, stroked, teased and cajoled to be temporarily satisfied. If you haven’t recognized that none of these emotions will bring you lasting peace and joy, it leaves you wanting.

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The mind is an imperfect organ. Its job is to regulate the body's functions and problem solve. If there are no real problems, it creates problems so that it can be of use.

Look around you. Don’t you know thousands of people who have everything they could ever ask for and yet complain they don't have enough?

That is their mind, or more succinctly their ego, in charge. But spirit has none of these requirements. It is a constant.

Your conscience, that little voice within that guides you to decisions whose consequences are not always immediately known, but if followed, can lead to a more authentic way of living.

All of us have a yearning for peace, happiness, pleasure and joy. Those states of being start when you follow your heart’s true interests. Instead of following the crowd to a lucrative destination, move forward to a rhythm all your own.

By recognizing your inner self you understand that you are more than just your body and your personality. Recognizing that is a process of growth. It leads your life into the best version of the self that you can ever hope to be. Find it with peaceful meditation, in the quiet moments of your day, in nature, and in being totally present. Namaste.

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