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A variety of well chosen sensational adult products. Grow as a lover. Enjoy heightened sensory delights.

Transform your intimate life into a living art.

Expect quick delivery and discreet packaging

Privacy, discretion & quality guaranteed.

Our return label only says YPI.

Since 1981, I've only offered products that I would endorse and recommend.

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Lovemaking is a living art that requires sexual imagination.

Bring yours to life with the right sex tools,

Self Pleasure Toys and sexual techniques.

Enhance your sexuality by combining it with sensuality.

Take your love-life out of the doldrums. Spice it up with delicious Edible Body Toppings

Kama Sutra products; guaranteed quality and satisfaction since 1969 bringing lovers closer with their unique brand of delicious skin care.

Sensual Massage Oils

A wide variety Vibrators and Stimulators

to enhance pleasure, increase excitement, and make orgasmic bliss easily attainable.

Intoxicating Pheromone perfumes featured on

Sensual Fragrances

Keep the slide and glide going comfortably with


Adult Novelties

For your safety and on-line security, all of the transactions from the Your Pleasure Shop are done through

PayPal, trusted worldwide.

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Adult Novelties/Edibles

Sex Tools/Toys


Kama Sutra Skin Care

Kama Sutra Products

Honey Dust Powder

Ocean Blu Cleansing Gel

Pleasure Balm

Treasure Trove

Treasure of the Sea

Weekender Kits (Original)

At the Your Pleasure Shop our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Below are some comments about doing business with Your Pleasure:

Ellen, Thank you very much on many fronts: info on shipping, congrats on wedding and the warm wishes for many years of marital bliss and the great customer service!

Beautiful person, doing an extraordinary job, making things happen for those you love.

You are loved & appreciated. Dara: Jun 25, 2010

Ellen, Thank you very much for the prompt service! and thank you for the warm wishes! - Matt - Jul 6, 2010

I have been a loyal customer of the Your Pleasure Shop for over 20 years. The products speak for themselves. I have never had an issue or a problem with anything that I have purchased. Sure, I LOVE the Rabbit...and the bullet...Oh My! But what I think makes Ellen and YPI stand above the rest is the service that you get from them. When you have a YPI show in your is an experience! Ellen teaches you about the product, and how to properly use them, but she gives you advice, explains things that you might not have known, or were afraid to ask. Most people walk away from the parties I have had and are just blown away. The only thing I can say is that after an evening with YPI you can't wait to go home to your lover...and you don't have to wait long to get the items you order. In just a few days, you are able to play! And, if you EVER need anything, you can just pick up the phone and call them. Ellen has become a friend, and her company....well, her company is just the best. No matter which item you choose, you WILL NOT be disappointed! CB – Pittsburg, PA

I always felt squeamish about attending a "sex toy" party until I went to one of Ellen's pleasure parties. I had a blast with the other ladies, learned A LOT in a welcoming atmosphere, and brought home some fun goodies for my husband and me to enjoy. N.P. Oceanport, NJ

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Due to the personal nature of our products and State Law ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Items received defective will be replaced provided notice is given to us within five (5) days of delivery.

Purchaser's receipt must accompany claim.

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